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Victory Cove Seaside Cottages

Policies & General Information





All guests are required to check in BEFORE proceeding to their accommodations or moorage spots.. When you first arrive at check-in, please go to the first cabin on the right or to the Staff Cabin in the black behind main floats. At check-in, you will be required to provide: identification & a credit card for the damage deposit. All guests visiting Victory Cove are required to fill out a liability form with agreement and understanding of Victory Cove's rules and policies. 


CHECK-IN: 4 pm 

CHECK-OUT: 11 pm


The total reservation amount is due upon booking in order to secure the reservation. For reservations over $5'000, 30% is due upon booking with the remainder due 60 days after booking or 60 days prior to check-in, whichever is sooner. For guided fishing packages 40% is due upon booking with the remainder due 120 days before your stay.



Please visit our COVID-19 page  to view our full COVID-19 policy & requirements.




A pre-authorization of $300 is required upon check-in. The Mountain Alder, Rock Elm and Pacific Willow require a damage deposit of $900.




Sheets & Pillows Only:


The Silver Maple, The Seaside Cedar Cabin, Mountainside Cedar Cabin, Hemlock Cabin, White Mulberry, Bonsai Bunkhouse, Bamboo Bunkhouse & Pine Bunkhouse.


Sheets, Pillows & Blankets:


The Blue Spruce, The Mountain Alder & The Grande Oak


Sheets, Pillows, Blankets & Towels:


The Rock Elm & The Pacific Willow 


Moorage with a cabin is $1 per foot per night and is based on vessel length overall, measuring from bow to stern of boat, the total overall length. When booking online, adjust moorage quantity to match nights booked (ex. 3 nights cabin rental, adjust moorage quantity to 3.) Moorage must be booked at the same time as cabin. 



All bookings, both accommodation & moorage only, include access to our outdoor BBQ cooking areas, freezers, showers, morning coffee & washroom facilities. 




We DO NOT collect garbage. You are responsible for taking all trash & recycling with you upon check-out. Please follow the guideline of leave no trace. If you leave any garbage bags behind, you will be charged a $25 per bag disposal fee.  Ensure fridge is empty and no food is left behind.



Please note we are an off-grid facility and rely on gravity fed water supply. This at times can have an effect on shower pressure. Water is not potable unless boiled and drinking water is needed.



We are available every morning until 9pm. For ice, bait, propane and miscellaneous matters, please go to staff cabin for assistance. For apparel, booking questions, or important matters, please visit the office. Please keep all non-critical requests within this timeframe or the current posted hours. 



Cube ice is available for $15 per bucket.




We provide freezers for guest use during their stay. These freezers are for FISH ONLY. All other items such as bait, water bottles, food, and miscellaneous items will be discarded of. We ask that all fish in our freezers are legally caught and packaged. Please look through rules and regulations before your stay, so you know how to be compliant with the current rules. If you don’t know, ask, we will help you find the rules and regulations you need to know.




The main generator runs from morning & evening as needed. 


Personal generators are required to be turned off overnight at the same time as the main generator. No generators are permitted overnight and will be turned off if left on.




We ask guests to be respectful of noise levels after the generator is turned off for the night. Quiet hours in the evening pertains especially to shared buildings such as the Bunkhouse,, as well as on the docks where sound travels easily. 




Each room and cabin has a SET capacity. The capacity limit is the maximum amount of guests allowed in each room. NO additional occupants are permitted without authorization. If an additional occupant is approved, a charge of $150 per person per night will apply.


3 Person Capacity:

The Silver Maple & White Mulberry


4 Person Capacity:

The Seaside Cedar Cabin, Mountainside Cedar Cabin, Hemlock Cabin, Bonsai Bunkhouse, Bamboo Bunkhouse & Pine Bunkhouse.

6 Person Capacity:

The Blue Spruce Cabin


7 Person Capacity:

The Rock Elm Cabin & Pacific Willow

8 Person Capacity:

The Grande Oak Cabin

9 Person Capacity:

The Mountain Alder Cabin.




Large herring and anchovies $15




We have a designated fuel area that all fuel is to be stored. The only place approved to fill up vessels or generators is at the fuel dock. Please only fill up in the designated area. No fuel should be on any other dock or used to fill up your vessel or generator in any other area of the float. You are responsible for bringing your own fuel, we DO NOT sell fuel. 




We are pet friendly in many of our cabins. The Mountain Alder, Pacific Willow & Rock Elm are NOT pet friendly. We do ask that you clean up after your pet, keep them on a leash at all times and don’t leave them unattended in your room. If any damage or extra cleaning occurs as a result of your pet a fee will apply.  Please contact us directly for more information and approval.




You are required to take all recycling including cans and bottles with you upon check-out.




No coolers, fish, fuel or propane bottles are allowed in the rooms. All fish processing is to be done in the fish cleaning area and is prohibited in cabin kitchens. No smoking or vaping indoors.  Smoking inside any room or cabin will be subject to a $300 cleaning fee.




There is NO smoking allowed in social areas, near propane bottles or ignition sources. No fish are allowed on the docks: please use a bucket or wheel barrel for transporting fish. Please clean the fish cleaning station, tables and BBQs areas after use as these items are shared. Please no dragging of coolers on the docks. 


NO fishing equipment or coolers are allowed on the patio or outdoor hallway of the Rock Elm and Pacific Willow. Coolers are to be left on wood docks only. 



All social area spaces, tables & BBQs are shared use. Please do not leave any items on tables, BBQs or sink/counter areas. Please do not rearrange furniture. No portable BBQs are to be placed on the table tops. After using please leave space clean for other guests to use.


Internet is $10 per day per device. You will need a credit card or debit card to access WiFi services during your stay. To connect to WiFi: click "VCSC Guest Wifi" in your phones settings, wait 10-15 seconds, your phone will atomically open a login screen. Page one, agree to term and conditions. Page two, choose which WiFi package you would like, add credit card details & sign in. 



Please slow down your boat completely before pulling into our cove. Ensure your boat makes NO-WAKE. Wakes cause damage to our buildings, disrupt other boats and can make parking your boat difficult. 




Please be mindful that our docks are surrounded by tidal waters and are constantly shifting. Be aware of your step as surfaces can sometimes be slippery.


We do our best to accommodate extraordinary guest requests under exceptional circumstances. Still, due to our short season and remote location, we cannot make exceptions to our deposit and cancellation policies. We very strongly recommend, for peace of mind, all guests purchase travel insurance. Victory Cove Seaside Cottages requires full payment on the date of booking to guarantee your reservation. For reservations over $5'000, a 30% deposit is required, with the remaining balance due 60 days after the initial booking or 70 days prior to arrival, whichever is sooner. All reservations not secured with payment will be cancelled without further notice. In the event of cancellation, we require 60 days notice in order to be eligible for a refund. With all reservations cancelled with over 60 days notice, 30% of the booking amount will be kept as future stay credit. Any refunded monies will be subject to a 10% transaction fee and will be reimbursed within a reasonable amount of time after cancellation. If cancellation is received 0-60 days prior to arrival, then the reservation is 100% non-refundable and 100% non-transferable. The full stay will be charged for cancellations or modification made after 5 pm, 60 days prior to arrival, in case of no-show and early departure. At check-in, a credit card must be presented for pre-authorization for incidentals. Any remaining funds from credit card pre-authorization will be released within 3 to 7 business days of your check out date at the discretion of your financial institution. Boat moorage is booked based on boat length and must be added to room reservation upon booking. 

Victory Cove Seaside Cottages is not liable for delays in performance of any obligation under this trip reservation that is caused by an act or occurrence beyond the reasonable control of such party including but not limited to acts of God, global pandemics or regional epidemics, war, civil disturbance, or extreme weather conditions (a “force majeure event”). If a force majeure event occurs, the performance of the affected party shall be excused for the period of delay resulting from the force majeure event. If a force majeure event occurs, and any obligations under this trip reservation are delayed, Victory Cove will use reasonable efforts to reschedule your trip, subject to any payment differentials. Victory Cove reserves the right to cancel the accommodation contract under any of the following cases: when the guest is deemed liable to conduct or has conducted him/herself in a manner that would contravene the laws or act against the public order and good morals in regard to the accommodation, when the guest seeking accommodation is clearly determined to be carrying an infectious disease, when violent demands and/or actions are made or carried out, or burdens that exceed the scope of reasonable requests have been made, in relation to accommodations, when the hotel is unable to provide accommodation due to natural calamities and/or other causes of force majeure, when the guest seeking accommodation is deemed liable to conduct him/herself in a manner that would cause serious annoyance to other guests or behaves in such manner due to heavy intoxication or other reasons, when the guest conducts prohibited actions that endanger themselves or others, when the guest is in violation of the term and policies set forth by Victory Cove, these decisions can be made at the own discretion of Victory Cove Seaside Cottages. By booking you agree to all terms, policies and conditions set forth by Victory Cove Seaside Cottages.

How do I find out current fishing rules & regulations?
If you plan on doing any fishing during your stay it is important to familiarize yourself with all fishing rules and regulations. You need a BC Tidal fishing license to fish, and must keep a paper copy on you at all times while fishing (a copy on your phone is not sufficient.) Important rules to note include, but not limited to, possession limits, daily catch limits, and proper storage to allow for identification and measurement. We are located in Area 4, Region 6. Rules and regulations can be updated at any time throughout the season. For more information please visit the Fisheries and Oceans Canada website here for current rules and regulations.
Are there any ways to reduce environmental impact during our stay?
In an effort to minimize the risk of spreading invasive species, we suggest our guest follow the protocol set out by the Invasive Species Council of British Columbia. The ISC’ philosophy is to practice “clean, drain, dry.” Following this protocol ensures that all boats and equipment reduce the risk of contamination. For more information on reducing the risk of spreading invasive species please click here
What can we do to observe safe boating practices around whales & other wildlife?
There is an abundance of wildlife, shorebirds, aquatic mammals and whales around Victory Cove. The safety of these creatures is extremely important! Keeping a safe distance from all wildlife is a critical step in the safety of these animals. Laws are in place for boaters to ensure their continued safety. Please familiarize yourself with current rules and regulations through the Fisheries and Oceans Canada website here .
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