Is the bedding provided?


Bedding is not included in the Bunk House rooms, the Seaside Cedar Cabin, the Mountainside Cedar Cabin, the Silver Maple and the Hemlock Cabin, the beds have sheets and pillows only. You need to pack a sleeping bag or blankets for the beds. In the Blue Spruce Cabin & Grande Oak Cabin, the bedding is provided.





Do you have ice & bait?


Yes, we have saltwater ice and bait (anchovies & large herring) available for sale.


Do you have drinking water?


No, you need to pack drinking water for your stay. The water available on the float must be boiled sufficiently to be drinkable. 


Do you have freezers?


Yes, we have several deep freezes available for guest use. Please note these are available to use for your catch only. No other items are allowed in freezers and will be discarded. Personal foods, water bottles, bait, etc must be kept in personal coolers.


When is payment for my reservation due?
The total reservation amount is due upon booking in order to secure the reservation. For guided fishing packages 40% is due upon booking with the remainder due 120 days before your stay.


How do I book a room?


You can book directly on our website or via phone at 778-374-0380. The mooring is a separate charge from the room. When booking online add the mooring needs you have at the time of booking your room.


If I am not booking a room how do I book mooring?


If you are looking to book only mooring without accommodation contact us directly via email or phone.


What is included in the rate for mooring & accommodations?


All bookings include access to our outdoor BBQ cooking area, freezers, showers & washroom facilities. 


What is your policy on room capacity?
Each room and cabin has a set maximum capacity. Capacity is set for both safety and comfort. This maximum capacity is the maximum amount of guests allowed. No additional guests beyond the capacity will be allowed. If you have any questions or your party size has increased and no longer accommodates your current booking, please contact us directly.
Do you provide or allow cots to be set up?
No. All rooms are set up to accommodate the maximum guest capacity. Cots are not allowed in any room or cabin.
What is your policy on garbage and bottles?
Guests are required to take all garbage with them upon check-out. We ask guest's to follow a "leave no trace" philosophy on garbage. Recyclable bottles and cans can be left in the provided bins. Victory Cove donates all bottles and cans. 
Are personal generators allowed to be run?


No generators are allowed during the quiet hours of 10pm-6am. Contact us directly if you have questions about running your own power source. 


When is check-in / check-out?


Check-in is at 4 pm and check-out is at noon. 


What is your reservation policy?


Victory Cove Seaside Cottages require a deposit of the full booking amount by the date of booking in order to guarantee your reservation. For reservations over $5'000, a 25% deposit is required with the remaining balance due 60 days after the initial booking. All reservations not secured with payment will be canceled without further notice. Boat moorage is booked based on boat length and must be added to room reservation upon booking. In the event of cancellation, we require 45 days notice in order to eligible for a refund. All cancellations made requiring a refund will be subject to a 10% transaction fee. Cancellations made during this time frame with future stay credit will not be subject to any transaction fees. Cancellations made with less than 45 days notice are non-refundable or transferable. 


Are you pet-friendly?


Yes, we do allow dog’s at Victory Cove. If you are planning on bringing your furry friend with you please let us know upon booking. We do ask that you clean up after your pet, keep them on a leash at all times and don’t leave them unattended in your room. If any damage or extra cleaning occurs as a result of your pet a fee will apply. 


Are there any ways to reduce environmental impact during our stay?
In an effort to minimize the risk of spreading invasive species, we suggest our guest follow the protocol set out by the Invasive Species Council of British Columbia. The ISC’ philosophy is to practice “clean, drain, dry.” Following this protocol ensures that all boats and equipment reduce the risk of contamination. For more information on reducing the risk of spreading invasive species please click here
What can we do to observe safe boating practices around whales & other wildlife?
There is an abundance of wildlife, shorebirds, aquatic mammals and whales around Victory Cove. The safety of these creatures is extremely important! Keeping a safe distance from all wildlife is a critical step in the safety of these animals. Laws are in place for boaters to ensure their continued safety. Please familiarize yourself with current rules and regulations through the Fisheries and Oceans Canada website here .
How do I find out current fishing rules & regulations?
If you plan on doing any fishing during your stay it is important to familiarize yourself with all fishing rules and regulations. You need a BC Tidal fishing license to fish, and must keep a paper copy on you at all times while fishing (a copy on your phone is not sufficient.) Important rules to note include, but not limited to, possession limits, daily catch limits, and proper storage to allow for identification and measurement. We are located in Area 4, Region 6. Rules and regulations can be updated at any time throughout the season. For more information please visit the Fisheries and Oceans Canada website here for current rules and regulations.

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