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Covid-19 Response Plan


We welcome you to join us at Victory Cove this season. As a summer destination for boaters, we understand the importance and peace of mind each of our guest's needs before visiting us this season. We can promise you as valued guests; your safety and security is our highest priority. COVID-19 has changed our world and in doing so has altered our practices at Victory Cove. Please carefully read over our safety protocols to understand what we are doing this season to ensure your safety and comfort. As well to inform yourself of what we need from you to ensure that is possible. We are following the requirements set forth by Work Safe BC and our Provincial Health Authorities. As well as the recommendations of the British Columbia Hotel Organization and the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. This pandemic has changed many aspects of our lives, how businesses operate and how we interact with one another. COVID-19, in many ways, will alter the social environment of our cottages. We have been thoughtful in our approach to ensure the utmost safety of our guests while still providing the most enjoyable experience. We appreciate that you're here to enjoy yourselves and have fun, but it must be done safely. With careful planning and consideration, our COVID-19 reopening response plan is outlined below:


Safety Regulations & Requirements:


To visit our establishment in any capacity whether you are just stopping by to say hello, mooring or renting an accommodation:


  • You must NOT have any COVID-19 related symptoms, such as a fever, cough, sore throat, reduced or lost sense of smell or taste, or shortness of breath or any other potential symptom.

  • You must NOT have been in contact, working with or living with anyone showing these symptoms for 21 days.

  • You have NOT travelled outside of Canada or been residing or visiting a location deemed to be a hot-spot for COVID-19 in the past 21 days.


These safety requirements and prevention strategies are requirements for everyone, including staff and individuals working at Victory Cove this season.


Please contact us immediately if you are unwell or these requirements pose a problem for your stay!


  • You must follow the required 2m physical distancing from others outside of your travelling party at all times, no exceptions. There are physical distancing signs up to remind you. These rules will be strictly enforced, and anyone putting the health of others at risk will be asked to leave immediately.

  • We have hand sanitizer stations set up throughout our vicinity. As well, all indoor and outdoor sinks are stocked with soap. Please wash your hands frequently and before entering any shared space, building or cabin.

  • The use of masks are encouraged.

  • Please understand that we too will be physically distancing as well. We are here to ensure your safety and comfort during your stay, but we will be doing so at a safe distance. Physical distancing may affect some of our interactions with you. In docking, we will be there to greet you and direct you to your spot while maintaining a safe distance. Please be mindful that our conversations with you need to be at the required 2m distance.

  • Everyone at Victory Cove is informed on how to minimize the risk of exposure to COVID-19 and will be following stringent practices to ensure personal safety. We have an exposure control plan in place.

  • Employees and owner/operators will be screen daily for COVID-19 related symptoms. Anyone showing symptoms will be immediately isolated and quarantined.

  • We are using Maxim Oxygenic cleaning products, DIN#02497271, a disinfectant, sanitizer, multipurpose cleaner, bactericide, virucide, germicide, & fungicide with ecology certification for all indoor and outdoor disinfecting. We will also have Clorox disinfectant spay available for use at outdoor sinks and the fish cleaning station.



  • Please stay up to date with travel restrictions and advisories and follow recommendations from officials. There are still concerns in communities with people travelling to their towns. Some places may be closed or not welcoming visitors. Please be mindful of this in your planning. When you arrive, please be prepared with everything you need, including fuel as nearby options may be unavailable.


Outdoor & Shared Spaces:


  • All of the commonly used outdoor items such as our fish cleaning stations, freezers, BBQs, sinks, tables, chairs and washrooms will all be frequently disinfected using a DIN approved disinfectant throughout the day.

  • Our fish cleaning station has been expanded, and the tables distanced. We have provided cleaner and soap at each table. Please wash your hands or sanitize before using, and use the supplied disinfectant before and after using.

  • In our freezer area, please use hand sanitizer upon entering and keep to one travelling party inside the room at a time. The freezers are for your fish and catch only. Please label thoroughly each bag stored in the freezer. Do not store any other items (foods, water bottles, bait, etc.) in the freezers. Any other items placed in the freezer will be discarded of immediately.

  • Our social spaces will look a bit different this year. Individual canopy areas are being set up and spaced out throughout our dock space. BBQs, sinks and counter areas, seating areas and tables will still be available but spaced apart to ensure physical distancing. We have a new float for our Cedar Cabin and Blue Spruce this year as well as our new concrete barge. Our Grande Oak float, as well as our generator floats, have been repaired, overall we have more additional deck space. There will be plenty of room for everyone to enjoy time with their group safely and distantly.

  • The outdoor food prep areas and sinks need to be cleared of items after use. If you are staying in a cabin without a kitchen, please ensure you have the appropriate dishes, pots/pans/ utensils, dishcloths, etc. packed with you. Unfortunately, these items supplied previously have been stored as we can't ensure their cleanliness. Please use the sanitizer provided before and after use to ensure a sanitized food prep space.

  • We are in the process of expanding our washroom facilities. There will be a designated bathroom and shower for moorage guests. To reduce traffic, our bunkhouse washroom is for bunkhouse guests only.

  • Please be mindful of not touching items that are not yours. If you need a tool or an item from the shop, please let us know, and we will help you.

  • All shared washroom facilities will be frequently cleaned and disinfected. 

  • As an additional step, we have added Lysol in-tank disinfectant tabs to all public toilets. Please do not leave any items in the washrooms such as towels or products in the showers. We need to be able to thoroughly clean.


Indoor Spaces:


  • In addition to our previous high standard of clean this season, we have enacted additional measures to ensure the safety of our guest's. We are using DIN approved disinfectants for all cleaning. Products approved to kill viruses like COVID-19. We are cleaning all hard surfaces in each room, including but not limited to, tables, chairs, nightstands, bed frames, lamps, light switches, doorknobs, towel racks, appliances, cupboard handles, etc. In addition to the full standard clean of kitchen, bedrooms and washrooms. All sheets, duvet covers and towels (if provided) are clean and only being placed into your room once it has been fully cleaned and disinfected. Our staff is being thoroughly trained in these procedures and will be preparing your suite wearing appropriate protective equipment, including a mask and gloves.

  • Please do not invite people you are not staying with inside your room or cabin. There will be plenty of space to share conversation outdoors with physical distancing

  • In accordance to public health regulations, masks are required in shared indoor spaces, specifically the bunkhouse hallway.

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